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Frequently Asked Questions

This are frequently asked questions by our customers which you might also find very useful

NaijakeyJobs is a platform that tends to turn your little to big in a short time by saving all your dimes with our piggy formular. If you are comitted and you have goals, would help you reach the goal to do great things.

Practically we are not banks but piggy where you save your little to meet up with your needs.

Registration is Simple and farward, Click on Register above menu and fill all required forms and immediately you can start saving.

When you save with NaijakeyJobs, it would be easy to meet up with your needs and your savings add value in percentage every 30days with 2% of your total savings

Withdrawal could be done 26th to 30th of every 3 months but that does not mean you cant request for your savings outside the above date,if withdrawals is processed out of the withdrawal days 4% of your savings will be dudected as withdrawal charges.

We have been saving for communities locally for years, we have records in Kogi state and Niger state and we are winning customers presently in Lagos...more research could be done before saving with us.

At every 6months interval, customers are given loans to start up businesses and pay back with a very low interest rate